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August 1, 2012

Many years ago, my best thing to ever happen to me (for those of you new to this blog, this is a term of endearment for my wife, critiscism of this will garner the critic a massive, impolite and highly vulgar look at themselves in the form of a reply, as well as other possible sanctions) dropped a link on me, letting me know an iconic record store in Princeton NJ was looking for contributors to its weblog.  I had been detailing the life of a musician on my MySpace blog, but I was now taking that musical knowledge I acquired as a musician for 35+ years, playing drums, bass, guitar, voice, keyboard, learning all the instruments in that order and writing about all my favorite musical acts.  I was chosen by Princeton Record Exchange to be their progressive music blogger.  Upon setting up my profile, I wrote this history that has been up at all my blogs as an introduction.  It makes sense to launch this blog this way:

From the profile of Jeff Boule as read on Princeton Record Exchange, Scotti’s CDs, and Looney Tunes CDs in the New York and New Jersey Areas:

Please allow me to introduce myself, as the song goes. I am delighted at the prospect of reaching out to a new and expanded audience courtesy of the fine folks at WordPress. So who am I anyway? Please read on and find out:


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