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February 28, 2013
Much like the celebrated Warhol painting, Mondo Generator revisit the classic Campbell's soup can image for the cover of "Dog Food".

Much like the celebrated Warhol painting, Mondo Generator revisit the classic Campbell’s soup can image for the cover of “Dog Food”.

I am seeking help.  I am an addict.  I know I have a problem.  It is NOT affecting my health.  But I just can’t help myself.  I keep going and getting more and more.  I can’t stop.  What is my addiction?  Mondo Generator!  I have done something like three or four reviews of either Mondo Generator or Nick Oliveri.  Hell Comes To Your Heart, Death Acoustic, and now Dog Food.

I may have said words to this affect before, but I can’t help it.  Nick Oliveri is a fascinating musician.  He brought the edge to Queens Of The Stone Age, and I’m sorry Josh (Homme) but Queens has not been as edgy without him.  So he had a dust up with his long time girlfriend, he was arrested for going onstage naked at Rock In Rio, with brilliance comes bullshit.

Homme knows this as he has recruited (read: been ordered by Interscope) to bring Oliveri back into the fold for the hopefully soon-to-be released new Queens Of The Stone Age album.  Along with Songs For The Deaf drummer Dave Grohl, who replaces recently departed drummer Joey Castillo.  Castillo recently got married, so I cannot see the correlation between getting married and giving up a steady gig.

Unless he was forced out, by intrusive Interscope.  I can’t wait for Homme’s contract with Interscope to be over so he can release what he wants on his label, Rekords Rekords.

Getting back to Oliveri, the connection is not only to Grohl on the new Queens album, but also on the Dog Food album.  In fact, the disc starts off with Grohl giving a four-count.

Let’s hear what Nick has to say now!



February 25, 2013
They once were lost, but now are found, with a new killer lineup featuring Alessandro Cortini and Adrian Belew among others!

They once were lost, but now are found, with a new killer lineup featuring Alessandro Cortini and Adrian Belew among others!  Photo by Lynn Vala

In statements released today, Trent Reznor and Inner Knot Records have confirmed that not only are Nine Inch Nails reforming after a lengthy hiatus, but they are inducting members of Jane’s Addiction and King Crimson along with previous keyboardist Alessandro Cortini!!!  The full line up consists of Reznor, Eric Avery of Jane’s Addiction, Adrian Belew of King Crimson, and Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, as well as previous NIN collaborators Alessandro Cortini and Ilan Rubin.

Reznor reveals that he had been working with Belew on some musical ideas, and the impetus to revitalize Nine Inch Nails grew from this and some phone calls and strategizing.

BouleBlog will have more on this when we have info.  But this was such exciting news, we could not wait to issue this news blurb.  Stay tuned for more news as it happens!!



February 19, 2013
Advance discs of the audio portion of the DVDs that will be A Day For Grace. Discs courtesy Doug Vincent.

Advance discs of the audio portion of the DVDs that will be A Day For Grace. Discs courtesy Doug Vincent.

People are depending on MY ears.  While flattering, all eyes are focusing on what I hear…  I never felt I had discerning taste, but many are relying on my ears to tell them what Johnny Outsider thinks of their hard work.  I have always been on the outside of the mainstream, ahead of the curve in some instances, left out in others.  But I can let people know what the 411 is when it comes to music, as well as some other cultural aspects of life in “Troubled America”.

As faithful readers know, I jumped from the Rundgren camp to the Tanin camp.  It’s been a blast and I have been exposed to more worthy, interesting music in this camp, mostly with Sam Llanas’ solo efforts.  Something I might not have heard of is Doug Vincent’s  “A Day For Grace”.  Click around my WordPress page here to find the full-out review of the actual show.  What we are reviewing here is the audio only advance copy sent to me from the Tanin camp.  Tanin himself conveys confidence that not only is this a worthy piece as it sits, it is being submitted to the Grammys for Spoken Word Award consideration.

Let me get this right, they are submitting this for a Grammy for Spoken Word and they want to know what I think of it?  No pressure…

Well, I am boastfully prepared to pick this puppy apart.  Let’s do a quick checklist to make sure we are ready for this journey (in effect) once again.  I shall climb into my critical cockpit: Remote control for the DVD/CD player, CHECK.  Remote control for the Harmon Kardon 7.1 Surround System, CHECK.  Note pad, CHECK.  Five sharpened pencils, CHECK.  Two audio only CDs that will go on to be the audio track to the forthcoming DVD, for which Sam Llanas is being interviewed at about the very same time that this review is coming to life, CHECK.

Harkening back to actually seeing this performance, and having been given the script to A) follow along as a guide for the CDs, and B) to assist in formatting my own script for my forthcoming show.  The main performer in A Day For Grace, Mr. Doug Vincent, is enthusiastic about my show, perhaps more so than anyone else, including me.  But I know what the content of these CDs has in store for me, one more thing I need in my critical cockpit before I fire this massive monster up: Full box of Kleenex, CHECK!

Ignition, tower clearance, let’s take this baby for it’s maiden flight…



February 14, 2013
Gary Tanin hams it up at the Chicago Chapter Grammy Event. Photo courtesy Gary Tanin

Gary Tanin hams it up at the Chicago Chapter Grammy Event. Photo courtesy Gary Tanin

I know you haven’t heard of the band I am about to reference unless you are located near Cincinnati.  That band is called The Psychodots.  When Adrian Belew joins them, they are The Bears.  Belew, Rob Fetters, Bob Nyswonger and Chris Arduser.  The wrote a song once called “Prarie Dog Town”.  I reference this band’s song because there is a line in the song that, when presented with the following subject matter, immediately popped into my mind: ‘We’re too hip to screw around’.

I like to think we are too hip to screw around.

My thinking is influenced by the fact that I have long been espousing the existence of one Gary Tanin.  Yeah, my best thing to ever happen to me studied Mr. Tanin in her Telecommunications courses in college (while I wasted my time in Business Administration with a Law minor, UGH, useless) but I knew of him as a contributor to the genesis of what became that computer program in your Mac called GarageBand.

Then there was his involvement in the career of long-time Todd Rundgren cohort Roger Powell.  Then there is his work with former BoDeans member Sammy Llanas.  Then there is his solo work on his own musical career, as well as the numerous artists to whom he has lent his magic ear.

I put on my Facebook page that I use to promote this blog, ( that we only back winners on this site.  We stand by that, and in fact, we are now pleased to show our proof.  Dig in as we go to one of the satellite Grammy galas, this time in Chicago where Mr. Tanin rubbed elbows with a few high and mighty folks at this event.  This was one of the REAL events, unlike that sham of a show that captured the mindless of America, topped American televisions ratings and proved that most of America’s minds have turned to mush.

Check out the real deal…



February 7, 2013
Sam Llanas and his faithful Taylor guitar will be bringing his quality style of balladeering to Linneman's in Milwaukee February 9th.

Sam Llanas and his faithful Taylor guitar will be bringing his quality style of balladeering to Linneman’s in Milwaukee February 9th.

Not often in music today are there artists who have not only a natural gift for presenting music, but present it with honest, pure emotion.  If you think what you see in today’s popular artists is raw emotion, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you have been mislead.  Artists like Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, One Direction, Justin Beiber, and the all-time prat Taylor Swift (no, that’s not a misspelling, it is an English term, look it up, it fits) put on a good show, but they’re emotions are fraudulent at best.  For example, Taylor Swift is 23 years old (or 24, or 22, who cares what the exact number is), she wouldn’t know TRUE heartbreak if it bit her on the bum.

You wanna hear a piece about actual heart destruction?  Then give Gary Tanin’s Love Changes a listen.

Like Tanin’s real emotional album, Sam Llanas is no stranger to putting true feeling into song.  I was lucky enough to get a close-up view of Mr. Llanas in action last September at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.  This was my first exposure to Llanas live.  In no uncertain terms, I was blown away.

Llans keeps his chord structures simple, but what he does with those chord structures is nothing less than brilliant.  To squeeze such emotions out of a few open chords equals genius.  I usually review progressive acts.  Music comprised of augmented/diminished chords, alternate bass notes not supporting the root chords, odd time signatures, completed with verbose, madrigal lyrical composition.  It is refreshing to hear stripped down structures supporting words one doesn’t need either a Queen’s English dictionary or a thesaurus to understand.

It makes my job much easier as well.

What makes Llanas so great?  OK, so he uses simple structures and working class lyrics.  If that isn’t enough for you, read on and we will gladly explore more…


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