A Day For Grace playwright and actor Doug Vincent.  Vincent tackles topics of societal taboo usually not considered fodder for a play.  Photo by Matthew Staver

A Day For Grace playwright and actor Doug Vincent. Vincent and musical contributor Sam Llanas are gearing up for a second run of A Day For Grace, read on about how you can bring this remarkably moving play to a city near you! Photo by Matthew Staver

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  We are eschewing our Friday Flashback schedule as we are pleased to be one of the few outlets that have the resources to bring you this advance notice of a campaign that launched this morning in Milwaukee, on NBC affiliate TMJ4’s The Morning Blend show.  The campaign is called “Send Sammy To Broadway” and it is slightly misleading because the campaign is not only sending singer/songwriter extraordinaire Sam Llanas to Broadway, but also playwright/actor/comedian Doug Vincent to Broadway to put his play, A Day For Grace in front of more eyes.  Why it belongs in front of more eyes follows…

Many people feel alone.  Some feel ostracized in a room crowded with people.  Often times, people suffering with depression feel nothing.  They may be loved, cared for, even needed by family members and friends.  But once that chemical imbalance claims the pleasure centers of the brain, no amount of love, caring and company can overcome it.

Unfortunately, and often times, there is an ugly force that DOES overcome this chemical imbalance:  The desire to contemplate or commit suicide.

While it is not often discussed, depression, addiction, and suicide touch many, many lives.  I hate to nick from Reefer Madness, but it could touch yours, or yours, OR YOURS!!!  It might surprise you to know that these issues have touched most of the principle players involved with A Day For Grace.  These issues have touched the author of what you are reading.  Directly.  I have dealt with addicted parents.  I have dealt with my own depression.  I have contemplated suicide myself.  Maybe now it will be more apparent as to WHY this project takes up frequent residence on BouleBlog.


The original review was one of the most trying events I have ever covered.  Half of me was trying to deal with the emotions that were being so expertly laid down on the stage, half of me was trying to communicate those emotions in a review.  Divide those halves into half was trying to make sure these emotions weren’t too much for my best thing to ever happen to me (whose Grandmother committed suicide by hanging) and then further divide the review half into trying not to bawl my eyes out at Sam Llanas’ acutely ironic, fourteen year old songs bringing that extra punch to the play.

Would Doug Vincent’s words be as emotive without Llanas’ music?  Fortunately, we don’t have to consider this.  The duo are bringing back this amazing, touching, revealing play to the stages again, but the ‘Send Sammy To Broadway’ campaign has loftier goals.

While the campaign title suggests that the goal is to land Llanas and A Day For Grace on Broadway, the ultimate goal is to find stages in as many major cities that will have it.  Granted, this is not a play for every town.  Smaller, rural communities may have a problem with some of the subject matter.  Less cosmopolitan areas may also have issue with some of the language.

For example, I doubt this play would be well received in my own jerk-water town because the language, well, it gets a little blue.  As in, I could not see the area inhabitants who grasp on to and firmly dwell in the values of their grandparents being able to deal with the portion of the play where Vincent returns home from college to not only find out his sister was dating a Vietnamese fellow, but that his racist father had asked for this fellow’s green card.  Vincent’s incredulous reaction is a series of obscenities, as in “Fuck!  Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”…

That’s for you, Neil Cook.

Or maybe I’m wrong; bigotry is a recreational activity in Scranton…

But that is the true shame of living in a culturally under-developed city such as mine.  This second run is aiming currently to land in cities like New York, Chicago, with hopes of bringing it to Llanas’ territory, Milwaukee, and it would not surprise me if they brought it back to the venue where the DVD of the show was shot, eTown hall in Boulder.

Send Sammy 1

Sam Llanas hammers out the harmony on his way to Broadway. Photo by Lynn Vala

Now here is where it pays to be a BouleBlog reader.  Please enjoy this new trailer that promotes the campaign, the play as well as the DVD.  The more astute BouleBlog reader will see a familiar name listed onscreen during the review portion of this trailer.  Can you figure out who?

In the spirit of promoting this inspiring show, I invite you to check out the new website to get more insight into what Vincent and company are attempting to communicate.  By all means, be sure to click on the reviews section of the site and see if you are familiar with any of the reviewers.


Self promotion aside, I urge all you good folks everywhere to contribute to the fundraiser in the hopes that A Day For Grace  can come to your city.  It not, at least contribute, but make sure you travel to a venue near you to catch this once in a lifetime event.  You can contribute and get a better understanding of the project here:


While the play already has connections to Colorado University alumni, (the play is dedicated to Gabe Oderberg and his father, Nate Oderberg) but also Washington Redskins offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus, Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby and former CU Buffs head coach Gary Barnett.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this link to ESPN:

While you are at the site, check around for a new song by Llanas called “Seize The Day”.  If you can’t find it, go to this link:


The playwright would also like to extend very special thanks to ex-Denver Bronco Matt Lepsis for his support of this uniquely special show.

It is my earnest opinion that this is a show that should not be missed, but it should be funded and underwritten by the suicide and addiction prevention missions in every city small or large.

These issues know no population demographic.

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