Not much more needs to be said here.  The poster tells it all.  Courtesy Dolores Rush Hippler.

As many of you will notice, this blog has gone through some mutations in recent history.  While part of the syndication, we were exclusively dedicated to covering progressive, progressive pop, progressive rock and so on.  We hate to stagnate.  We hate to gather cobwebs.  We are not huge fans of resting on our laurels.  New and different has long been the order of things, the question remaining just how different are we willing to be?

We think we have answered that question with the recent reviews of acts like Sam Llanas and Ed Randazzo.  These artists, while different in scale, share a love of blues/roots musicians.  The core, the basis of most types of music that came after them.  Where American (and to some extent British and perhaps global) music has discovered its foundation.

It can be refreshing not having to scratch the head and attempt to decipher what time signature the piece is recorded in.  Good old 4/4, easy to listen to (as opposed to easy listening) and refreshing in its own right.  I have learned to enjoy blues/roots music recently and I feel confident that should you choose to attend the following event, you can learn to love the blues too.

Check this out from PocoNotes, a group dedicated to promoting area events featuring blues/roots musicians:

Lake Ariel, PA – On June 22 and 23, 2013, Scranton’s historic Tripp House will be the setting for a two-day event hosted by PocoNotes entitled “The Faces and Voices of The Blues…Too.”  It will showcase the photography of acclaimed documentary photographer, Jim Gavenus, and the guitar mastery of Blues legend, Roy Book Binder.

Photographer/visual artist Jim Gavenus.  Photo courtesy Dolores Rush Hippler

Photographer/visual artist Jim Gavenus. Photo courtesy Dolores Rush Hippler

Jim Gavenus’ photographs are exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide and, most recently, his photographs were chosen by The 55th Annual Grammy Awards to honor Doc Watson in their “In Memoriam” tribute.  Jim’s intimate and poignant images cover a wide range of subjects and have earned him the Gordon Parks Documentary Photographer of the Year Award, as well as a place in the North Carolina Bluegrass Hall of Fame.  He has photographed more than 30 Hall of Fame musicians on – and behind – some of the most famous stages in the music world, and his images appear for Sony Music, Columbia Records, Lost Highway Records, Merlefest and FarmAid.  Jim travels extensively to lecture, exhibit and expand his portfolio and shares his passion for, and knowledge of, photography with his students at Luzerne County Community College, as well as through his innovative photography workshops.

Roy Book Binder has been touring the world with countless Blues legends for 50 years and is now a legend himself.  It’s been said that, in his travels, he has seen millions of faces and has rocked them all.  ‘The Book’ learned his craft from Reverend Gary Davis, the blind Harlem street preacher who was the musical mentor to numerous Blues musicians, and Roy has shared the stage with notables such as Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King, John Jackson, Sonny Terry, Doc Watson, Ray Charles, Brownie McGhee and Hot Tuna.  He has appeared on TNN’s Nashville Now over 30 times with the best that country music has to offer and has performed at hundreds of festivals over the years, including The National Storytelling Festival, The Chicago Blues Festival, The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, The King Biscuit Blues Festival, The 50th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival and, for nearly two decades, Merlefest as the host of the Acoustic Blues Stage.  Roy is listed in the ‘Book of Blues Who’s Who’ and is a master storyteller with an eclectic body of work that covers not only the Blues but also country, bluegrass, ragtime, folk and popular songs that originated in Tin Pan Alley.

Roy Book Binder bring his unique outlook on the blues to Tripp House with the help of PocoNotes.  Photo courtesy Dolores Rush Hippler

Roy Book Binder bring his unique outlook on the blues to Tripp House with the help of PocoNotes. Photo courtesy Dolores Rush Hippler

Separately and together, Jim and Roy are more than just ‘Faces’ and ‘Voices’ and this event will be more than just The Blues.  With their combined years of dedication to bringing music forward to future generations, they will use their respective talents to provide the visuals and the soundtrack for a century’s worth of music of every genre.

The photo exhibit is free and will be open to the public on Saturday from 12:00 Noon to 6:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 12:00 Noon to 4:00 p.m.  It will feature several iconic images from Jim’s extensive portfolio and will debut several acquisitions from his most recent travels.

Jim will hold a photography workshop on Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., after which he and his students will join Roy for ‘Porch Time’ which will be an informal gathering where everyone is invited to bring an instrument and ‘pick and grin’ with Roy and Jim…as they bring the music to life through songs and stories.

At the Saturday evening concert, Roy will captivate his audience not only with his guitar playing but also with tales of the artists who wrote the songs and the people he has met in his five decades of playing for countless audiences across the world.  Tickets for the concert are $25 in advance and $30 at the door for adults, with a two-for-one discount being offered to Seniors and Students.  This is an all-ages event with an emphasis on generations of families sharing this experience together.  Therefore, there is no charge for children, 12 years of age and under, who attend with an adult.  In a show of appreciation for their service to our country, there is also no charge for members of the military and their families.

Roy’s guitar workshop will be the final event of the weekend and will be held on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  It will be geared toward all levels of guitar playing and the stories he shares are sure to entertain everyone.

Although there is no charge for the workshops, reservations are requested.  Tickets for the concert can be purchased in advance directly from PocoNotes at www.PocoNotes.com or (888) 800-POCO or in Downtown Scranton at either Duffy Accessories at 218 Linden Street or Nada & Co. at 137 Wyoming Avenue.  If tickets remain, they will be sold at the door.

This event is hosted by PocoNotes, who presents artists that people need to know in places that people need to see.  With a total of 16 events and 62 artists already to their credit, five of whom are Grammy-nominated musicians, ‘The Faces and Voices of The Blues…Too’ is their latest gathering of good people and good music in an intimate setting where the artists and the audience will create something special together.  It is their fourth event at the Tripp House, which is the stunningly-restored landmark located at 1011 North Main Avenue in Scranton.  Its elegance, historic importance and architectural beauty provide the perfect backdrop for presenting music that has been influencing artists for decades.

PocoNotes is proud to note that funding for this project was provided in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, which is administered by The Pocono Arts Council, as well as by a Lackawanna County Arts and Culture Grant, a program of the Lackawanna County Commissioners and the Lackawanna Council on Arts, Culture and Education.

For more information about the event, go to www.PocoNotes.com.  For more information about the artists, you can visit Jim at www.GavenusPhoto.com and Roy at www.RoyBookBinder.com.  Of course, you can always call Dolores and Pat at (888) 800-POCO.  They’d love to hear from you.

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