Well I have barely gotten over my ear bugging from the Miracle Legion Boot & Saddle show (you West Coast folks need to get to the Mezzotint or Miracle Legion web or Facebook pages and get tickets for these last two rockin’ shows!). Haven’t wanted those memories to fade, so I have been putting off sampling my wares from the show, the two disc Polaris Live CD and the two disc live Miracle Legion CD!

Well it looks like I have to (as they used to colloquially say in my youth) shit-or-get-off-the-can.

Polaris and Miracle Legion frontman, and esteemed solo artist Mark Mulcahy comes out with a new album tomorrow, April 27, 2017. There has been substantial buzz about all the projects Mulcahy and company have been cranking out in the last few years. Another characteristic of Mulcahy is his patience, especially when it comes to releasing albums. Were you to put his catalog back to back, there is rarely a year-after-year release. EPs were the exception, coming out first before his SmileSunset album, and one directly after his In Pursuit… album.

With his newfound sense of productivity, his latest effort, Possum In The Driveway will hopefully deliver more quality lyrics with unmissable hooks (the kind that leave you eat bugged for days). As usual, this new release comes on his own Mezzotint label. In fact, here we have the latest dispatch from Mezzotint leader Elsa Kahlo:


Hi Everybody,

This Friday’s the day!

The new Mark Mulcahy record will officially be released.

It’s called The Possum in the Driveway. 11 new songs. Lovely. Beautiful.

Don’t take my word,here are some reviews…… PASTE 8/10, UNCUT 9/10, MOJO 3/5, Record Collector 4/5 and an A- up on The Vinyl District

We’ll have it in the Mezzotint store on gold vinyl and on cd. You can also get it on Band Camp, iTunes……

Plus this Friday and Saturday are what some are calling the last Miracle Legion shows ever. Most are hoping they ain’t. In any case it’s their first time on the west coast in who knows how long.  The shows have been sold out and epic so far. Do it!

Miracle Legion in Los Angeles – Friday  at the Echoplex – Tickets

Miracle Legion in San Francisco – Saturday at The Chapel – Tickets

Things are good here at Mezzotint.

Thanks for sticking with us.

all the best,



I know I have bombarded you folks reading this blog, entry to entry. I didn’t ask for Polaris to reform, I DID ask that Miracle Legion reform, but not just for a farewell tour. I thought with the recent release of Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You, that we wouldn’t have a new Mulcahy product for a while. Fortunately, I was wrong on that count. Speaking of count, that makes three new Mulcahy releases I need to sit down with. Got a lot of work to do…

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