Reviving his desire to perform live, Daniel Ash is touring his personal brand of dark wave music to the East Coast with POPTONE. This blue moon opportunity still has tickets available at various venues. DON’T MISS IT! Photo courtesy of Sunshine Jacobson

Way back in the late 80’s, when a friend of mine introduced me to Tones On Tail, never did I think I would have a chance to see them. They were so niche, so target-marketed, there was no way they would be coming to my area, much less would I hear about the shows in NYC or Philly, unless by chance, they happened to be promoted in a New York Daily News or Village Voice that I happened to pick up at my fave newsstand (who would special order both of those newspapers for me). Nearly 30 years later, not only am I getting to see some remnants of Tones On Tail, but they are tossing in Bauhaus, Love & Rockets as well as Daniel Ash solo material into the set list.

Who are ‘they’? They are POPTONE!

After the demise of all of the previously mentioned acts, Ash was able to tread water as a solo artist, as well as a composer of soundtracks and more. Ash was content to relax, live on his past royalties. But during a musically induced ‘experience’ (having fallen asleep while listening to headphones), he was jolted awake by the spirit of Lemmy Kilmister and with the notion and drive to fire up an act and take it on the road.

Would Peter Murphy be available? Not likely. That makes Ash our defacto front person. That settles the guitar player as well. Would David J. be available? He was not. What about a drummer, would Kevin Haskins rejoin? Thankfully, the answer was not only yes, but also solved the absent bass player problem by introducing his daughter, Diva Dompe to play bass and do backing vocals (along with so much else on-stage)! This makes a “power-trio” with MIDI backing tracks.

The meter and tempo mast of POPTONE, Tones On Tail, Love And Rockets and Bauhaus. Photo courtesy of Sunshine Jacobson.

How will this play in Peoria?

Youthful images of Ash and Haskins. Also, you can see the East Coast tour dates and hopefully, you can get to one of these as we can’t be guaranteed we will see this type of show again! Photo courtesy Kevin Haskins Facebook Page.

From the various YouTube videos of past POPTONE appearances, this is a band that is growing, cohering into a tight, technologically advanced unit playing so many fan favorites, their set list looks like the track listing of a double CD (I have just purchased the remastered Everything!, so that may influence my comparison). So as far as playing in the ‘burbs, Mid-West cities like Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis had very healthy audience numbers. So it played just fine for middle America.

Diva Dompe (Left) and her dad, Kevin Haskins round out the rhythm section for POPTONE as only a father and daughter can. Photo courtesy of Sunshine Jacobson

What this East Coast reviewer is wondering, is, how come several venues on the East Coast have yet to sell out? Los Angeles and surrounding areas sold out, sometimes two shows in a row would sell out on the left coast. When we purchased our tickets for the Asbury park show (I wasn’t about to try to go to NYC with the supposed “MTA Summer Of Hell”, even though that phenomena has been dispelled) we were the 29th and 30th tickets sold (according to our ticket numbers).

Along with vocals, guitar and bass, Ash wails on sax for “Movement Of Fear” from Tones On Tail. Photo courtesy of Sunshine Jacobson

Then, while talking to someone affiliated with the band, I was informed that the East Coast shows were NOT selling as well as they should!!!

How can this be?

The tickets prices are not prohibitive, you get four acts worth of material, and it is a very long set. I can’t see why Bauhaus fans, Love & Rockets fans, Tones On Tail fans (like me, and the guy who introduced me to Tones) and Daniel Ash fans wouldn’t be concentrated in the New York City area. I also can’t figure out why people are ignoring what is basically amounting to the show of a lifetime.

The lovely and talented Diva Dompe bringing bass, vocals, keyboards and Midi to the POPTONE party. Photo courtesy of Sunshine Jacobson

Should you decide that you want to witness Dark Wave at it’s finest, you can get info and tickets here (the first link is for the NJ show), you can find other shows on this page or the POPTONE Facebook page:

This is the link to their website:

Reviews of previous shows have all said the same thing: Crowds are large, the music is on point, and the show itself is a spectacle. With Ash’s now public disdain for constant touring, we have no idea when or if this sort of event will take place again. It would be tragic if any fans of these bands, and/or Daniel Ash’s music missed what may amount to the last time these songs are played live.

You can also get in on the POPTONE live action even if you can’t get to a show. You can join their Pledgemusic campaign here:

Last year I took a year off from covering live shows. It was very challenging having to find a spot where one could write notes about the show and not be elbowed in the face in some mosh pit. I am only going to shows this year that are rare, unlikely or really special.

I consider this show to fall into all of those categories. Not to mention the special music that will be played at these shows. Ash is now 60, and Haskins is (as of today), 57, (Happy Birthday to Mr. Haskins!). While many artists who are much older are touring almost non-stop because of financial concerns, Ash’s motivation was to fill in a void left by the death of Lemmy Kilmister, and subsequently to introduce the music of Bauhaus, Tones On Tail and Love & Rockets (as well as his own solo material) to a younger, and new generation.

Not too shabby for a 60 year old… Photo courtesy of Sunshine Jacobson.

I will have a review of the Asbury Park (infamous) Stone Pony venue in NJ, the show with the link above. You can follow that link to the Asbury Park show, and from there you can find a gig closer to you. There is also an East Coast schedule pic above as well. Find a show close to you (I will be driving two and a half to three hours to see this, and I will regret nothing) and get your tickets, get to one (or more) of these shows, this is the opportunity to witness music history.

I don’t throw those terms, “music history” around loosely…

P.S., I would also like to thank Regan Catam, Judy Lyon, Sunshine Jacobson, Robyn Alexandra Hoffman, and James Carroll. If you want to meet with some cool people, may I recommend…

The POPTONE Facebook page:

And the Tones On Tail Facebook page:

P.S., if you are attending the Asbury Park NJ show, look for the guy with his head in a notebook and say hello! I may not be able to talk much as I write the review, but there’s always after the show! I REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU LOCALS THERE!!!


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