Mulcahy blends into the time-forgotten background while staying on the grid. Photo courtesy Mezzotint

I know I promoted a story about Devo on the Facebook page for this blog:

I was not expecting Mark Mulcahy to fire up something so quickly after the whirlwind Miracle Legion tour. He did a three show stint in June in NY, Northampton MA, and New Haven CT. At the same time he releases a new video from his brilliant album Possum In The Driveway, Mulcahy also announces he will traverse the Mid-Atlantic and New England areas.

The following comes from Mulcahy’s label, Mezzotint…


Mark Mulcahy will embark on his first solo tour in three years. A short run of seven dates in November will begin a year of endless live performance. “It’s been way way too long….It’s me again. Hello.”
The dates are in support of Mulcahy’s most recent album The Possum in the Driveway. The record received stellar reviews and Mark appeared on the Marc Maron WTF podcast // 9 out of 10! Uncut Magazine “A rare and wise treat…” Mojo Magazine //  “4 Stars! A gift” Record Collector // “Sublime” The New Yorker
The Possum in the Driveway is Mulcahy’s fifth solo record. A music video for the lead track ’Stuck on Something Else’ accompanies this announcement. Directed by Jason Mazzotta, the black and white video was shot in and around Springfield. It tells the story of a man, played by Mulcahy, who can’t get his life on track.
Mulcahy is the front man for the influential band Miracle Legion. He’s also the founder of Polaris, the house band from the legendary tv show The Adventures of Pete & Pete’. Mark has spent the last three years with both bands, touring and releasing new music. 
Addressing a couple of points in that last paragraph from Mezzotint (thank you George!), I had seen Mulcahy for his solo tour for Dear Mark J. Mulcahy…, I was unable to catch Polaris’ run and I had a front row seat (in a standing venue!) for Miracle Legion at the Philly venue, Boot & Saddle. I hope to catch Mark’s return, but this time I know to park on the street and get a $30 parking ticket as it is cheaper than parking in the nearest parking lot and taking a cab to the venue. The gist is, Mulcahy just came around and he plans to extensively tour? Makes James Brown come across like a slacker…
Also, referencing the Adventures Of Pete & Pete, co-creater Will McRobb has created a new show, A Boy Named Mayonnaise. The show has the attention of all the Mulcahy/Polaris/Miracle Legion/Adventures Of Pete & Pete fans. It was mentioned on the Facebook group devoted to all acts/things/shows Mulcahy.
Here is the start of Mulcahy’s commitment to all those above-mentioned fans:
Mark Mulcahy The Possum In The Driveway November Tour:
Nov. 9 – The Ballroom at The Outer Space, Hamden CT
Nov. 10 – The Linda, Albany NY
Nov. 11 – The Shea Theater, Turners Falls MA
Nov. 15 – The Met, Pawtucket RI
Nov. 17 – Mercury Lounge, New York NY
Nov. 18 – Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia PA
Nov. 19 – Sixth & I, Washington DC
I am hoping to see Mulcahy again at the Boot & Saddle, it would make a nice 55th birthday party for me.
While Mezzotint claims Mulcahy would be busy touring next year, my thought is, what if this is it for the NorthEast US? Miss these shows and you’re out because Mark may not come back through this way or not come close enough. Allowing the fates to decide. That’s my viewpoint. Maybe you should grab some tickets as I still regret not seeing Polaris when I had the chance.
Don’t have regrets like I do. In fact, why don’t you head on over to the Mezzotint site to see all things Mulcahy!
You can email them here if you have questions:

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