The Facebook Cover Photo for Doug and The Slugs 40th Anniversary. We thank them for this photo.

I was first introduced to Doug and The Slugs by MTV in the 80’s. Their first video grabbed my attention and I never looked back. Here was this portly, greasy haired singer (I thought that was the look for the video, nope) that, basically, in my head, I was seeing Squiggy from the Laverne And Shirley TV show. Remember him? David L. Lander was the actor’s name. But here in the U.S., he looked like the buffoon from the TV show.

America is stupid.

But the resemblance aside, this guy could wail! I mean the expression in Doug Bennett’s vocals were unmatched down here. No one was doing torch songs like “The River”. But when Doug did them, man you felt it. To be clear, I HATED Laverne & Shirley and really hated the Squiggy character. So for Bennett to make me love their music was an uphill battle but after the song “Real Enough” started to get rotation on MTV, it was hard to hold the grudge.

Then in 2004, the unthinkable would occur. As he was wont to do, Doug would be onstage with an adult beverage. It would lead to his demise is the word we have down here. He had toured with various incarnations of the band up until 2004-ish. He was 53.

Well before Doug left, he left many fans. Fans who loved him, loved the band, and wanted more. The rest of the band sensed this and mostly through a benevolent remembrance of Bennett, all of the original members returned and they adopted Ted Okos as their vocalist and they return triumphant for their 40th Anniversary. In fact, let’s get the members in order:

Vocalist(s): Doug Bennett/Ted Okos

Guitarist(s): Richard Baker, John Burton

Keyboardist: Simon Kendall

Bass: Steve Bosley

Drums: John “Wally” Watson

At least that was the lineup I was most familiar with. The one that broke in the States.

With Okos, they are touring for their Fortieth Anniversary. Their Facebook page sends out questionnaires such as “Where would you like to see the band perform?”. How small was I, perhaps the lone person to say “Philly/East PA/New York/NJ/CT…”? Basically anywhere in the Northeast of the United States. Again, I was most likely alone in my request. My fascist nation is demanding that its citizens (imagine that, a democracy demanding something of its constituents, real freedom, huh?) get passports to gain access into U.S. Government buildings! You have to pay something like $300 (us) for the privilege of going into buildings to pay our property taxes, jury duty, court proceedings, everything. Paying for liberties we were supposed to be guaranteed.

While it is most unlikely they will come here, I’d like to leave this little blurb with some of Doug and The Slugs work:

This is “The River”, the song I was telling you about earlier. I felt you had to hear it devoid of seeing Doug to negate the Squiggy connection. Here is Doug about a year before he passed.


Now here’s the band with Ted Okos doing their breakthrough hit “Too Bad”.

I know I would pay good money to see these guys, like I said, damn near anywhere in the East/Northeast corner of the country. I have the feeling I will never see this band. But then again, I said that about Miracle Legion, and look what happened there.

Search this site for Miracle Legion, seriously, they came back to life for one more tour and I came out of retirement to review a live show I wasn’t supposed to see.

But I did.

So please know, gentlemen of Doug and The Slugs, there are some American fans down here who would love to see you live! At least how about a live DVD (in our region code please)?

For all kinds of information, check out these sites and you can find more Slugs music and stuff. If you are a long time Slugs fan, I apologize for this being so basic. I am gambling by publishing this so I have to make it appealing to all kinds of readers. Here’s Slug info:

Give some fun-time music a try and check out more Doug and The Slugs! You’ll be glad you did, if you don’t that’s, too bad…

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