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August 8, 2020

The cover to this week’s review, Killing Joke, Youth’s Last Gig. Photo courtesy Live Gig Recordings.

We get to call on our friends at Live Gig Recordings for a very special slice of history. Martin ‘Youth’ Glover had been a founding member of the post-punk Eurogrunge act Killing Joke (KJ). Along with eccentric front man Jaz Coleman, guitar mainstay Geordie Walker and drummer “Big” Paul Ferguson, Glover began to carve a path for himself that would include being a world renown instrumentalist/mix-artist/producer.

But first Glover would forge the hard slag with KJ, and along the way have a firm hand on the rudder of the band. When you have firm beliefs in the direction the music should go, and there are others in the band with equally strong beliefs/opinions, as the saying goes, something’s gotta give.

In the case of this live CD, it would seem as that something would be Glover.



May 26, 2018

What happens when a goofball drummer joins a funkoslap bass player, a happy-go-lucky noisemaker guitarist, and a virtuoso keyboardist? Gizmodrome! Photo courtesy Gizmodrome and the internet.

You hear me going on about convergence all the time. This artist I like works with that artist I like. Convergence. Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel, the artist who will no longer be named in this column and The Residents, Robert Fripp and Daryl Hall, Talking Heads and Eno, Eno and Devo, Fripp and Bowie, Bowie and the guitarist who is a member in this most unusual band we are about to review, Adrian Belew and if you want circular closure, Adrian Belew and Laurie Anderson.

Slap bassist extraordinaire Mark King has had his unique sound in every household guaranteed. If someone can honestly tell me they haven’t heard the song “Something About You” before, they are either VERY old (and I’m 55, so I know old) or live under a rock. King is one of those ‘taught-myself-how-to-make-a-living-at-this-thing’, type of players. Sophisticated playing with an innovative knack. I could go on about his co-collaborators outside Level 42, but this will be long enough.

The one member I know little about it Vittorio Cosma. He is the host of the band, in Italy. Italy is key to this band’s story as Copeland used the Italian backdrop to lure Belew to compliment the existing band Gizmo. King had opened for The Police back in the day, so Copeland recruited him and with those additions, the band Gizmodrome was born!



June 14, 2013
Illness, depression, failure, all rolled up into one bad trip.  Queens Of The Stone Age and Josh Homme will take you along...

Illness, depression, failure, all rolled up into one bad trip. Queens Of The Stone Age and Josh Homme will take you along…

Where does one begin to detail the woe that begot …Like Clockwork?  For Josh Homme, the woe begins with a relapse of his knee ailment that had been plaguing him since the Lullabies To Paralyze era when he was on tour in Europe.  The concert tour for Lullabies To Paralyze yielded a DVD, Over The Years And Through The Woods, which was released on both video and audio.  During the video, at a point around “I Never Came”, he asks the audience who wants his cane and throws it out to the crowd, then instantly winces as it flips precariously into the sea of craniums.

During this tour, Homme was also infirmed with a respiratory ailment.

Not to mention, it can’t do one’s mental state any benefit to run out your label contract.  Interscope had been micromanaging Homme about how they wanted this album to sound, to the point where Homme FIRED (yes, the final word out there is Homme fired) drummer Joey Castillo about ¾’s of the way though the process of making …Like Clockwork.  So it is no surprise that this record is on both Homme’s ‘Rekords Rekords’ label, and new Queens Of The Stone Age distributing label is Matador out of New York City.  An upstart indie label, not exactly the powerhouse that Interscope was.

More reason to worry.

Be mindful of the fact that Homme and wife Brody Dalle (Distillers fame) have two children now.

So it was to his additional terror that Homme spent four plus months bedridden following surgical difficulties and complications.  This sent Homme into a funk of uncertainty.  It then fell on to the four core members of Queens Of The Stone Age to cajole Homme into making more Queens music.  He agreed, but there were conditions…

First, Homme initiated all four into his own personal anguish.  Homme felt that for the band members understand why he would be writing some dire, introspective and (even for Queens) unusual music, they needed to walk the proverbial mile in his shoes.

Once he took the members down to his level, emotionally speaking, he took them with him all the way back to the first album.  Homme secured the rights to the first Queens Of The Stone Age self-titled album, remixed it, added bonus tracks and distributed it from his own Rekords Rekords label.  Yours dubitably managed to see this tour at Terminal 5 in New York City.  The review was posted here recently as part of our Friday Flashback.

Then came what was perceived by uninvolved band members as the unthinkable.  Homme fired long time drummer Castillo.  Songs For The Deaf drummer Dave Grohl was called in to play on some of these quirky introspective tunes.  As the album was recorded in Homme’s Pink Duck Studios in Burbank, a cast of quality performers and old friends were brought in.  Friends like Nick Oliveri, Alain Johannes, Mark Lanegan, Trent Reznor, Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, Dalle, Elton John, Alex Turner, James Lavelle, and two drummers of note: first, Joey Castillo.  Some of what he did was good enough to make the final cut.  Second, former Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore.  Theodore is of note because he is the touring drummer for Queens Of The Stone Age now!  Will he be a member?  You need to recall that Queens started as a rotating band.  People came in, people went out.  No telling if Queens will become the new Spinal Tap…

This cast of rock royalty is joined by the four full-fledged members, Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Mikey Shuman and Dean Fertita.  Let’s see where this musical mass carries us on its rampage to ruin.



May 10, 2013
The new and improved Queens Of The Stone Age seminal first album.  The re-release has garnered such interest that the band embarked on a tour shortly after a near-death experience by frontman Josh Homme.

The new and improved Queens Of The Stone Age seminal first album. The re-release has garnered such interest that the band embarked on a tour shortly after a near-death experience by frontman Josh Homme.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Once again, the Friday Flashback brings you a goodie from our past.  With all the hype about the forthcoming release from Queens Of The Stone Age, …Like Clockwork, we felt it would be a good time to resurrect this review of a live performance of the band shortly after the re-release of their first, self-titled release.  With remixed tracks and additional cuts, this disc was worth buying even if you had the first edition, or if you had a copy of one of the discs that front man Josh Homme resurrected from a palate that was lost in an Interscope warehouse for approximately a decade, this version topped them all.

The only thing better than the disc, was watching the newly expanded Queens (with new members Mikey Schulman and Dean Ferita) play out these tunes and other classic Queens tunes.  Enjoy this new and improved version with YouTube videos courtesy of vizcat!

It was no surprise that the Queens Of The Stone Age (QOTSA) sold out its first tour in many years.  They left fans wanting more after their Era Vulgaris tour, and Josh Homme teased us with his super-group Them Crooked Vultures, which was also economically viable to the point where his cohorts in the band (Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Led Zepplin bassist/keyboardist/arranger John Paul Jones) want to keep the band productive.

But perhaps it was (according to Rolling Stone) Homme’s recent death scare that made people sell out this tour AND FAST!  You see, if you follow QOTSA, you know that Homme has had trouble with his knee and an emphysema-like illness since the Over The Years and Through The Woods era.  For those of you not familiar with this incident, please read on…



February 28, 2013
Much like the celebrated Warhol painting, Mondo Generator revisit the classic Campbell's soup can image for the cover of "Dog Food".

Much like the celebrated Warhol painting, Mondo Generator revisit the classic Campbell’s soup can image for the cover of “Dog Food”.

I am seeking help.  I am an addict.  I know I have a problem.  It is NOT affecting my health.  But I just can’t help myself.  I keep going and getting more and more.  I can’t stop.  What is my addiction?  Mondo Generator!  I have done something like three or four reviews of either Mondo Generator or Nick Oliveri.  Hell Comes To Your Heart, Death Acoustic, and now Dog Food.

I may have said words to this affect before, but I can’t help it.  Nick Oliveri is a fascinating musician.  He brought the edge to Queens Of The Stone Age, and I’m sorry Josh (Homme) but Queens has not been as edgy without him.  So he had a dust up with his long time girlfriend, he was arrested for going onstage naked at Rock In Rio, with brilliance comes bullshit.

Homme knows this as he has recruited (read: been ordered by Interscope) to bring Oliveri back into the fold for the hopefully soon-to-be released new Queens Of The Stone Age album.  Along with Songs For The Deaf drummer Dave Grohl, who replaces recently departed drummer Joey Castillo.  Castillo recently got married, so I cannot see the correlation between getting married and giving up a steady gig.

Unless he was forced out, by intrusive Interscope.  I can’t wait for Homme’s contract with Interscope to be over so he can release what he wants on his label, Rekords Rekords.

Getting back to Oliveri, the connection is not only to Grohl on the new Queens album, but also on the Dog Food album.  In fact, the disc starts off with Grohl giving a four-count.

Let’s hear what Nick has to say now!



December 2, 2012
A rare alternate cover of the Mondo Generator CD "Hell Comes To Your Heart".  The cover that is more widely available features a less haunting vision but slightly more risque in its revelation of the female anatomy.

A rare alternate cover of the Mondo Generator CD “Hell Comes To Your Heart”. The cover that is more widely available features a less haunting vision but slightly more risque in its revelation of the female anatomy.

Where does one begin to describe the interesting life led by Mondo Generator leader Nick Oliveri.  Coming to prominence as the bass player, co-lead vocalist and provider of all things dark and cynical for Queens Of The Stone Age (QOTSA), after touring extensively to promote their most successful album to date, Songs For The Deaf, Oliveri was dismissed after a run in on the road involving law enforcement, charging him with battery, blah blah blah.  Law enforcement globally uses charges like battery like most people use salt.  If the police get called out and don’t have any visible offenses handy, they just whip out the old assault and  battery charges and haul somebody off into the hoosegow to drum up some revenue for their local treasury.  Don’t think I am belittling such abuse, it is a serious problem in this country.  But Oliveri has been charged with bullshit offenses simply because he looks like he should be charged with something (bald, long beard, tattoos).  He was videotaped ending a QOTSA show naked in Rio, so those charges were valid.  But being an exhibitionist is no cause to label someone as trouble.

Just because he did not let someone into his apartment is no reason to call out the SWAT team, send robots to his door, and charge him for unlawful weapons possession for having the firearms owned by his late father.  He beat those charges, but that wasn’t the end of his legal trouble.  From this, he was forced to resign from his (and co-leader of QOTSA, Josh Homme) original band Kyuss (renamed Kyuss Lives to prevent legal hassles created by not including Homme and other Kyuss members) as they were being forcibly sued by Homme and the other members on behalf of Interscope records who wanted to maintain control over everything Kyuss.  Interscope is being so petty, they are nit-picking the new QOTSA album and trashed everything Homme recently submitted to the label and the label simply said ‘We don’t like the sound, do it over’.  Then after going into the studio to do the album over, more issues plagued QOTSA as long time drummer Joey Castillo departed the band.  Dave Grohl, who was the drummer on the …Deaf record is being called back into service to satisfy Interscope’s most likely demand that the new record sound more like their successful …Deaf disc.

So to avoid further legal ensnarement, Oliveri resigned from Kyuss Lives and pursued his solo project Mondo Generator.  The Generator has released many interesting discs, but most of them have different band members, and often times Oliveri would tap into Rancho De La Luna veterans to provide live support.  But with the most recent CD, Oliveri has shored up his lineup with drummer Hoss Wright, lead guitarist Mike Pygmie and guitarist Ian Taylor.  There is a plethora of guests on this disc, exemplifying that Oliveri is NOT the bad guy in this Interscope suit.  For example, one of the litigants, Josh Homme, is a guest on the disc and it was recorded at Homme’s Pink Duck studios.  Another litigant, John Garcia, also of Kyuss, is a guest on the disc.  Other notable guests are Ramones C.J. Ramone and Dwarves (another Oliveri former band mate) Blag Dahlia.  In fact, one of the liner notes reads ‘Respect to all of our bands past and present’.

Did the legal system break Nick Oliveri?  Is he going soft? Read on…



November 10, 2012

Killing Joke MMXII

Killing Joke is a band that has been around since the late 1970’s.  They are one of the few surviving techno-punk bands still churning out new, meaningful material today.  Their newest album, MMXII gives us the best of both worlds of their schizophrenic existence.  One side of the Killing Joke coin is heavy, gritty, anger-filled bombast.  The other side, the calmer, cooler, collected Killing Joke has come with age and experience.

Some of that calmer, polished side comes from the vast experience of returning bass player/producer/re-mix artist Youth (officially Martin Glover, first named Pig Youth, also known as Orion) who also has worked with (those damn Beatles again) Paul McCartney in a group called The Firemen, but is most notably reputed as a house and techno mix-master.  Youth replaces the late Paul Raven who, while recording in Switzerland, after a session, returned to his room, fell asleep in a chair, and passed away of a heart attack.

It was at this point Killing Joke re-evaluated where they were, where they were going.


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