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April 4, 2016

Sorry folks, no photos of album covers or artists performing live in this blog. In fact, we are embracing the here and now, with a morose eye towards the future. I never thought I would be posting something like this, but in the light of recent events (read: the massive amount of influential musicians who are passing away at a pace none of us can keep up with), I really had no choice. This was a necessity above and beyond my ordinary macabre nature.

For me, I think it started with the death of Alan Myers, the original drummer for Devo. It was a severe blow when a short time later, his bandmate and co-founder of Devo, Robert Casale also (and most definitely unexpectedly) passed away.

Then the onslaught began.



August 16, 2013
Jon Anderson (right) and Rick Wakeman (left) share the stage at the Sherman Theater, share some Yes songs, and share some laughs.  Photo by Lynn Vala

Jon Anderson (right) and Rick Wakeman (left) share the stage at the Sherman Theater, share some Yes songs, and share some laughs. Photo by Lynn Vala

FRIDAY FLASHBACK:  Seeing as Jon Anderson has taken his music to the sea with the recent launch of a prog cruise, BouleBlog felt this would make a good Friday Flashback.  Yes, this tour is long over, but, if you are fortunate enough, you can get tickets to see Anderson headline on the cruise.  Meanwhile, check out a show Anderson and Wakeman played just beyond my backyard in the Poconos.  Keep your eyes open for some hysterical lines from both of them!  Enjoy!

This blog has exposed me to a lot of new music.  It has also brought me close to many artists, opened many musical doors for me, and I learn something new every time I write something.  This review is unique in that while I was fortunate enough to work with the promoter for Jon Anderson, and his subsequent projects, I got to experience what many say is the heart and soul of progressive rock mainstays YES, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman live playing songs from the YES catalog that we all know and love, but also songs from Anderson/Wakeman’s new album The Living Tree.  While this is a review of the live act, I will make a quickie commentary on the album The Living Tree: I am going to get the disc based on the performances I saw at the Sherman Theater.

The Sherman Theater is an old venue in the heart of Stroudsburg, which is undergoing a touch of a renaissance lately.  The Sherman, I would say is undergoing it’s own renaissance, with some new elements and some signs of age.  Will call got our order confused, but such associations with promoters, press agents, etc., usually leads to snafu situations.  Unless person A talks directly to person B, and when I get there I talk to person B, then the situation usually devolves to Situation Normal, All Fouled Up.

While I most likely will recognize the YES tunes, the new pieces from The Living Tree and if Anderson does anything from his new disc Open, I may need help naming them.  Thanks to a cooperative soundman and an equally cooperative stage manager named Neil (if memory serves, no chance of that happening), we managed to take pictures of Jon’s personal set lists.

Ask and you shall receive…



August 1, 2012

Many years ago, my best thing to ever happen to me (for those of you new to this blog, this is a term of endearment for my wife, critiscism of this will garner the critic a massive, impolite and highly vulgar look at themselves in the form of a reply, as well as other possible sanctions) dropped a link on me, letting me know an iconic record store in Princeton NJ was looking for contributors to its weblog.  I had been detailing the life of a musician on my MySpace blog, but I was now taking that musical knowledge I acquired as a musician for 35+ years, playing drums, bass, guitar, voice, keyboard, learning all the instruments in that order and writing about all my favorite musical acts.  I was chosen by Princeton Record Exchange to be their progressive music blogger.  Upon setting up my profile, I wrote this history that has been up at all my blogs as an introduction.  It makes sense to launch this blog this way:

From the profile of Jeff Boule as read on Princeton Record Exchange, Scotti’s CDs, and Looney Tunes CDs in the New York and New Jersey Areas:

Please allow me to introduce myself, as the song goes. I am delighted at the prospect of reaching out to a new and expanded audience courtesy of the fine folks at WordPress. So who am I anyway? Please read on and find out:


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