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May 28, 2017

The newest from Mark Mulcahy “Possum In The Driveway” Photo courtesy of Mezzotint

Mark Mulcahy and I have something in common. We both like the music of (the newly indoctrinated) Dr. Todd Rundgren. A while back I remember reading an interview with Mulcahy in which he expressed dismay over Dr. Rundgren’s initial comments upon taking the stage: “If you came to hear the hits, you may as well turn around and get your money back…”. Much akin to the Doc’s recent position on Donald Trump.

It seems I was in that audience with Mulcahy the night Doc said it. This means little as I am (or was) in a lot of Rundgren’s audiences.

Now keep in mind, Mulcahy is Mulcahy, Rundgren is Rundgren. What that means in at least one aspect, the Rundgren’s time is soon to end. He looks old, he claims to be blind (but I’ve heard that before), and I have yet to purchase or analyze his latest album White Knight. But I know he no longer has the time or patience to make another A Wizard A True Star.

Enter Mark Mulcahy…



August 14, 2013
This disc is one that has been long anticipated by the fans fellow recording artists, and perhaps more people we don't even realize… yet!

This disc is one that has been long anticipated by the fans, fellow recording artists, and perhaps more people we don’t even realize… yet!

Art is often born of tragedy.  War memorials, natural disaster memorials, Van Gogh…  But some tragedies are needless, senseless. In 2008, Mulcahy lost his wife Melissa, who left behind two daughters.  An all star tribute album Ciao My Shining Star, The Songs Of Mark Mulcahy was released featuring covers of Mulcahy tunes by such notables as Thom Yorke, Frank Black, The National, Dinosaur Jr., Michael Stipe, Juliana Hatfield, Mercury Rev, David Berkeley and Frank Turner, which served as a benefit album for Mulcahy.

Before you get all critical, no I was not waiting for this review because of Ms. Mulcahy’s passing, but rather, I have been aching to put Mr. Mulcahy’s music into your ears.  He is truly an amazing songwriter, singer and overall presence.

This hasn’t been the first bit of hard luck Mulcahy has faced.  His break-through band, Miracle Legion, couldn’t catch a break with the help of the entire Red Sox outfield roster.  They had signed to fledgling label Morgan Creek.  If you are asking why that name sounds familiar, it is because Morgan Creek also operated a movie distribution/production company.  As the band built up steam despite the exodus of various members of the rhythm section such as Jeff Wiederschall, Joel Potocsky, Steven West, final Miracle Legion players Scott Boutier and Dave McCaffrey went on to form Polaris with Mulcahy to be house band for the Nickelodeon show The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.  For one episode A Hard Day’s Pete, Ray Neal rejoined the band for a cameo appearance playing the Polaris tune “Summerbaby”.

But Neal departed the music business after getting a true spoonful of the corruption and deceit that were rampant in the final few years of the music industry’s hay day.  You see, Miracle Legion were the real deal, often compared to R.E.M., Mulcahy’s lyrics were far more impassioned, far more literate than anything Michael Stipe came up with.  The majority of you will disagree.  You may want to make an informed decision on that by getting any and all Miracle Legion, Polaris and Mark Mulcahy products, hearing them and THEN making your decision.

But let’s get back to the new music from Mark Mulcahy, Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You.



November 10, 2012

Killing Joke MMXII

Killing Joke is a band that has been around since the late 1970’s.  They are one of the few surviving techno-punk bands still churning out new, meaningful material today.  Their newest album, MMXII gives us the best of both worlds of their schizophrenic existence.  One side of the Killing Joke coin is heavy, gritty, anger-filled bombast.  The other side, the calmer, cooler, collected Killing Joke has come with age and experience.

Some of that calmer, polished side comes from the vast experience of returning bass player/producer/re-mix artist Youth (officially Martin Glover, first named Pig Youth, also known as Orion) who also has worked with (those damn Beatles again) Paul McCartney in a group called The Firemen, but is most notably reputed as a house and techno mix-master.  Youth replaces the late Paul Raven who, while recording in Switzerland, after a session, returned to his room, fell asleep in a chair, and passed away of a heart attack.

It was at this point Killing Joke re-evaluated where they were, where they were going.



October 25, 2012

While the video itself lacks technical quality, what you are about to witness is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive interview with the gripping two-man show co-star Doug Vincent.  The other co-star, none other than the extraordinary Sam Llanas!!!  Follow the technical advisements attached to the video, and more importantly pay attention to the discourse, the dialog, the message!  I want to thank Mr. Vincent for his kindness, patience and indulgence in our first ever video interview.

I can promise that as we go along the video quality will get better as, with your understand and encouragement, we would relish the chance to grow and expand our capabilities.

In the meanwhile I hope you will enjoy our first video interview with the incomparable Mr. Doug Vincent.

Special thanks to all who helped make this happen, Mr. Douglas Vincent, Mr. Samuel Llanas, Mr. Gary Tanin, Ms. Jessica Belf-Vincent, and any and all who I may have forgotten to list.  We have not forgotten about the Killing Joke MMXII review, but this was too exciting to let slide.

Recording Artist Sam Llanas and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to Participate in Oct. 23 St. Sebastian School Character Education Kick-Off Assembly

October 17, 2012
I know I said I would be reviewing the new Killing Joke disc, and I would be laying off the Sam Llanas promotion.  But, in light of the recent tragedy emanating from Canada regarding the suicide of a young woman by the name of Amanda Todd as the result of repeated bullying, both online and in school, I felt the following press release from the Llanas camp was not only timely, but in light of the event with the late Miss Todd, necessary.
First read the press release from Mr. Llanas’ management, then please view the entire video embedded in this post.  WARNING: The video from Miss Todd is graphic, and for those under the age of 16, should be viewed with a parent or guardian as it does contain some graphic language.
MILWAUKEE, WI – St. Sebastian School will host its annual Character Education kick-off assembly with two Milwaukee area icons – recording artist Sam Llanas and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 1:30 p.m. The assembly will be held in St. Sebastian Church, 5400 W. Washington Blvd., Milwaukee.
Llanas will perform his song Bully on the Corner” and speak to the students about the effects of bullying. He also will perform other hits from his musical library.
“We share many anti-bullying messages with our students and emphasize the importance of good, positive behavior,” said St. Sebastian Principal Paul Hohl. “When I heard Sam’s song at a concert this summer, I thought this would be a great connection for our students. Having a local, contemporary and successful entertainer relate his story with our students is a wonderful way to launch our Character Education program for the school year.”
Mayor Barrett has addressed St. Sebastian students on several occasions. A graduate of St. Sebastian School, Barrett’s four children have also attended the school.
“We are blessed to have the entire Barrett family in the St. Sebastian community,” said Hohl. “Having Milwaukee’s premier civic leader address and visit our students helps reinforce the message that bullying will not be tolerated in our school or in our community. We appreciate all that Mayor Barrett has done to support our Character Education Program.”
St. Sebastian offers four-year-old kindergarten through 8th grade and has 360 students enrolled this year. Its Character Education Program has been recognized by the National Catholic Education Association.

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