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November 20, 2017

Mark Mulcahy returns to the Boot And Saddle this time with his new band. Photo by Lynn Vala

“Aw fuck, seriously?” That’s what I said when I was informed that Mark Mulcahy would be returning to the Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia. Not that the Boot and Saddle is a bad place, it has a lot of charm and most of the folks who work there are really nice. Although, when we were there for Miracle Legion last April, the waitress totally forgot our order. So this time I knew better not to even ask. We went over to the Broad Street Diner before going to the venue. Pretty good food there!

Also, not a big fan of the “exhibitionist” bathrooms at the B and S. Who puts a weighted sliding door on the entrance to the restrooms? Most of the people who went into them didn’t close the door all the way! Nobody wants to see that.



May 28, 2017

The newest from Mark Mulcahy “Possum In The Driveway” Photo courtesy of Mezzotint

Mark Mulcahy and I have something in common. We both like the music of (the newly indoctrinated) Dr. Todd Rundgren. A while back I remember reading an interview with Mulcahy in which he expressed dismay over Dr. Rundgren’s initial comments upon taking the stage: “If you came to hear the hits, you may as well turn around and get your money back…”. Much akin to the Doc’s recent position on Donald Trump.

It seems I was in that audience with Mulcahy the night Doc said it. This means little as I am (or was) in a lot of Rundgren’s audiences.

Now keep in mind, Mulcahy is Mulcahy, Rundgren is Rundgren. What that means in at least one aspect, the Rundgren’s time is soon to end. He looks old, he claims to be blind (but I’ve heard that before), and I have yet to purchase or analyze his latest album White Knight. But I know he no longer has the time or patience to make another A Wizard A True Star.

Enter Mark Mulcahy…


POLARIS (Adventures of Pete & Pete)! First ever tour and new music!

August 26, 2014
The band that only lived on your TV in the 90's resurrects in 2014!  Dave McCaffrey (L),Scott Boutier (C) and Mark Mulcahy (L). Photo courtesy of Mezzotint

The band that only lived on your TV in the 90’s resurrects in 2014! Dave McCaffrey (L),Scott Boutier (C) and Mark Mulcahy (L). Photo courtesy of Mezzotint

Polaris, the band that once only lived in your television is coming to a galaxy near you. Known as the house band for the Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete & Pete,  Polaris have never toured and only ever played live once. The fans have been waiting 20 years for this October and now in 2014 it’s finally happening.
The show and the band have become a legend since going off the air. The Adventures of Pete & Pete was about two brothers named Pete, and featured an amazing list of guest stars, like Steve Buscemi, LL Cool J, Patty Hearst, Debby Harry, Michael Stipe, Adam West, John McLaughlin, Iggy Pop and many, many others. Polaris wrote much of the music including the shows iconic theme song “Hey Sandy“. They released an album of music in 1999 and then waited till now to play it live! For a fan of the show, every song in instantly recognizable and this will be the world’s first chance to hear it in person.
Polaris is Mark J. Mulcahy, Scott Boutier and Dave McCaffrey, aka Muggy, Harris and Jersey.  Mulcahy has several solo records. McCaffrey and Boutier were members of Frank Black and the Catholics. All three of them were in the band Miracle Legion.
There is a single planned to coincide with the tour. The song, “Happy Green Moon Face” is the first new Polaris music since the show went off the air in 1996.
The Waiting for October tour dates are:
10/4   – The Met, Providence, RI
10/9   – Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
10/10 – Spaceland Ballroom, Hamden CT
10/11 – Pearl Street, Northampton MA
10/25 – Codfish Hollow, Maquoketa IA
10/26 – Lincoln Hall, Chicago Il
11/21 – Knitting Factory, Brooklyn NY
11/28 – Johnny Brenda’s, Philly PA
11/29 – Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore MD
That was a press release I NEVER thought I’d see.  If you read either the review for Mark’s most recent album Dear Mark J. Mulcahy… or his live performance at World Cafe Live, you know he is one of the most talented songwriters as well as being a highly entertaining presence onstage.  If you are local to any of the above listed shows, I HIGHLY recommend you check out the show.
I guarantee Mulcahy will at least make you laugh.


August 14, 2013
This disc is one that has been long anticipated by the fans fellow recording artists, and perhaps more people we don't even realize… yet!

This disc is one that has been long anticipated by the fans, fellow recording artists, and perhaps more people we don’t even realize… yet!

Art is often born of tragedy.  War memorials, natural disaster memorials, Van Gogh…  But some tragedies are needless, senseless. In 2008, Mulcahy lost his wife Melissa, who left behind two daughters.  An all star tribute album Ciao My Shining Star, The Songs Of Mark Mulcahy was released featuring covers of Mulcahy tunes by such notables as Thom Yorke, Frank Black, The National, Dinosaur Jr., Michael Stipe, Juliana Hatfield, Mercury Rev, David Berkeley and Frank Turner, which served as a benefit album for Mulcahy.

Before you get all critical, no I was not waiting for this review because of Ms. Mulcahy’s passing, but rather, I have been aching to put Mr. Mulcahy’s music into your ears.  He is truly an amazing songwriter, singer and overall presence.

This hasn’t been the first bit of hard luck Mulcahy has faced.  His break-through band, Miracle Legion, couldn’t catch a break with the help of the entire Red Sox outfield roster.  They had signed to fledgling label Morgan Creek.  If you are asking why that name sounds familiar, it is because Morgan Creek also operated a movie distribution/production company.  As the band built up steam despite the exodus of various members of the rhythm section such as Jeff Wiederschall, Joel Potocsky, Steven West, final Miracle Legion players Scott Boutier and Dave McCaffrey went on to form Polaris with Mulcahy to be house band for the Nickelodeon show The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.  For one episode A Hard Day’s Pete, Ray Neal rejoined the band for a cameo appearance playing the Polaris tune “Summerbaby”.

But Neal departed the music business after getting a true spoonful of the corruption and deceit that were rampant in the final few years of the music industry’s hay day.  You see, Miracle Legion were the real deal, often compared to R.E.M., Mulcahy’s lyrics were far more impassioned, far more literate than anything Michael Stipe came up with.  The majority of you will disagree.  You may want to make an informed decision on that by getting any and all Miracle Legion, Polaris and Mark Mulcahy products, hearing them and THEN making your decision.

But let’s get back to the new music from Mark Mulcahy, Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You.



February 19, 2013
Advance discs of the audio portion of the DVDs that will be A Day For Grace. Discs courtesy Doug Vincent.

Advance discs of the audio portion of the DVDs that will be A Day For Grace. Discs courtesy Doug Vincent.

People are depending on MY ears.  While flattering, all eyes are focusing on what I hear…  I never felt I had discerning taste, but many are relying on my ears to tell them what Johnny Outsider thinks of their hard work.  I have always been on the outside of the mainstream, ahead of the curve in some instances, left out in others.  But I can let people know what the 411 is when it comes to music, as well as some other cultural aspects of life in “Troubled America”.

As faithful readers know, I jumped from the Rundgren camp to the Tanin camp.  It’s been a blast and I have been exposed to more worthy, interesting music in this camp, mostly with Sam Llanas’ solo efforts.  Something I might not have heard of is Doug Vincent’s  “A Day For Grace”.  Click around my WordPress page here to find the full-out review of the actual show.  What we are reviewing here is the audio only advance copy sent to me from the Tanin camp.  Tanin himself conveys confidence that not only is this a worthy piece as it sits, it is being submitted to the Grammys for Spoken Word Award consideration.

Let me get this right, they are submitting this for a Grammy for Spoken Word and they want to know what I think of it?  No pressure…

Well, I am boastfully prepared to pick this puppy apart.  Let’s do a quick checklist to make sure we are ready for this journey (in effect) once again.  I shall climb into my critical cockpit: Remote control for the DVD/CD player, CHECK.  Remote control for the Harmon Kardon 7.1 Surround System, CHECK.  Note pad, CHECK.  Five sharpened pencils, CHECK.  Two audio only CDs that will go on to be the audio track to the forthcoming DVD, for which Sam Llanas is being interviewed at about the very same time that this review is coming to life, CHECK.

Harkening back to actually seeing this performance, and having been given the script to A) follow along as a guide for the CDs, and B) to assist in formatting my own script for my forthcoming show.  The main performer in A Day For Grace, Mr. Doug Vincent, is enthusiastic about my show, perhaps more so than anyone else, including me.  But I know what the content of these CDs has in store for me, one more thing I need in my critical cockpit before I fire this massive monster up: Full box of Kleenex, CHECK!

Ignition, tower clearance, let’s take this baby for it’s maiden flight…


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