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August 23, 2013
The perfect album for an overnight of carousing, remorse and reflection.

The perfect album for an overnight of carousing, remorse and reflection.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In light of the recent post by yours truly about the upcoming Sam Llanas Four/Five Live Volume 1 CD, we felt it would be appropriate to repost one of the last entries in our syndicated blog.  Many references were made to this album, 4A.M. in that review.  So we wanted to make it available again for review.  Another reason I wanted another crack at this disc is to right a wrong, and mention the crack staff that made this disc.  On vocals and acoustic guitar we have Sam Llanas.  Percussion is handled by Ryan Schiedermayer.  Guitars and harmonica by Terry Vittone.  Bass by Matt Turner.  Accordian by Bukka Allen.  String Sections by Gary Tanin.

There, I feel better about this.  Now, to our Friday Flashback!

If you follow this blog, last time we promoted Sam Llanas’ 4AM with a press release and some bio info.  This time, we take on the album itself.  Now the “concept”, if you will, of this album is the adventures that take place after hours.  Llanas claims to have written many of the tunes late at night.  I identify with that as I do my best work at night (post 11pm).  So I went out on a limb this time and gave it an initial listen after 1am.  I’m too old to make it to 4am without chemical stimulants, and I knock off the caffeine at 5pm.

Much less anything stronger.

But I felt it best to get the full effect of this disc’s concept, if it was listened to at the same time it was composed, performed, etc.  I was right.  This is late night listening at its best!


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